Boppard – the pearl of beauty
on the Rhine

Steep vineyards and one of the most beautiful waterside promenade on the Middle Rhine, the oldest preserved Roman castellum wall north of the Alpes and birthplace of a world renowned chair designer – he who will be guest in Boppard, can expect diversified  days. Boppard does not only have to offer plenty of history and culture, but is situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Germany, the upper Middle Rhine Valley, since 2002 part of the Unesco World Heritage.

Boppard has been a visitors‘ magnet yet long before Unesco times. The sophisticated riverside promenade invites everyone to take a relaxing stroll along the waterfront or to stroll around town, a walk which can easily turn into a walk through history. Directly at the river banks a stronghold of a former electoral prince from Trier is situated which served as a customs facility and now houses  today among others the Thonet Museum where the world renowned Café house chairs of Boppard‘s Michael Thonet prove their timeless elegance. In the sunny southern exposure the wine-growing region extends into the great river bend. On 75 ha of vine acreage